What is Amour Vortex?

Amour Vortex is a video game we made for the wedding of our beloved friends Mel&Ben.
Developed in secrecy for about 4 months, under the groom’s nose, it remained a total surprise.
This co-op action plateformer covers their first date, the mariage and their quest to get back a bunch of shared memories.
If you want to know more about the wedding you can check it here

So who made Amour Vortex?

DotsMarc was Ben’s best man, he had this idea to make a video game for their wedding.
He asked his friends including the guys at Piranaking, Adrien Larouzee, Lucien Maine if it seemed to be feasible, the rest is history.

Wait, can I play the game?

Yes, you can download it here:

Can you show me the game?

Here are some screenshots for you:

Can i contact you?

Sure! To show us love or get more informations, drop us a line here.